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PacMan 30th Anniversary – The special game brought back by Google

Know all about the PacMan Game celebrating its 30th year anniversary. Pac-Man (originally known as Puck Man in Japan) is a remarkable monument to the...

Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriends, Bio, Age, Wife, Family, & Net Worth

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very popular, well-known, and loved actor in America. He is also counted among the most iconic actors in Hollywood, who...

Gotham Greens Raises $310m To Upgrade Its Greenhouses Across The Country

Gotham Greens recently raised $310 million to upgrade its greenhouses across the country. Gotham Greens 310M Series BMO heatertechcrunch Gotham Greens is a fresh produce corporation...

What is Mastodon? Is it a Twitter Substitute?

What is Mastodon? Is it a Twitter Substitute? Here is a Guide for Newcomers After the declaration of the new owner of Twitter, which is...

Dronedeploy Raised $50m in its Series E Funding for Drone Mapping

DroneDeploy, founded in 2013, is basically a software-based company that offers cloud control software solutions for drones. The drones included in the word “drones”...

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