What Is Neostox And Why Is Investing Money In It Risk-free? 

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Introduction Neostox

Money investing has to be one of the most important things to consider when growing into an adult. And one way to invest in Neostox good money is in stocks. But stocks investment risk-free? Well, you must already have the answer that stock investments follow a risky chart most of the time. 

Despite the risk, the returns investors receive are amusing. As such, you can still invest but be incredibly smart while investing. So, what can beginners do to lessen this risk? With every problem, there comes a solution. 

Neostox is an authorized platform that has no risks of you losing your bucks. The most crucial point is that every investor loses a penny or two while trading. But you can now safeguard yourself with Neostox!

What is Neostox? 

It was in January of 2021 when Neostox was made available for investors to practice trading, and take better steps and precautions while trading stocks. The startup is much in favor of beginners who are looking to trade stocks but are quite skeptical of the stocks with potential. As of now, there are around a million registered investors, out of which 80% of them are estimated to be active learners. 

How does Noestox work? 

It is somewhat confusing and indigestible to hear that investing in stocks can also be ‘risk-free’. Is this startup a scam? No, the startup is not a scam and you’ll understand that once you learn how Noestox works. 

Noestox is primarily for traders to learn, especially beginners. Although you’ll feel as if the investments are happening in a real-time stock market, it is entirely taking place via virtual money. For Noestox, virtual money is the key that makes the startup free of risks. Users will not realize a bit that Noestox is any different from the real market. The simulation, however, seems completely real as you trade on unreal money. 

What to expect at Noestox? 

Neostox entered the market between October 2020 to January 2021 and has overturned lives and proved to be a game changer. As of now, happens attained over 5000 fresh registrations with almost 12 lakh transactions made in a single day. The start-up’s vision is to make sure that beginner, too, is well-trained before they trade in actual stocks. 

Neostox already has an abundance of cool features, but users can expect additional features like advanced analytics and back-testing mechanisms as the 2.0 version is rolled out. Neostox is simply perfect when it comes to its interface as you can barely make any difference with actual trading marketplaces. You can use features like limit orders, delivery options, adding a stop loss, etc that are found in any typical trading app.

At Noestox, newly registered users can claim up to a sum of Rs 10 Lakh of virtual money and hence, instantly start investing. You can also win in crores if your stocks of choice happen to double their way up. 

Since actual money is not involved, you can invest but stay out of risks while trading. That’s how you can learn, and make mistakes but not lose a single money at the same time. 

Vision of Neostox 

Neostox was invented to make people familiar with how stock trading and investments work and how traders can beat the odds of a stock crash. It is well known that stocks are compiled to risks, and stocks want to minimize this risk as much as possible. It was created specifically for beginners who are still in fear of losing money while missing out on earning money in the meantime. 

There is no real money involved, but surely everything applied in Neostox works for an actual trading firm. It is said that the co-founders were keen on building a platform but putting every piece together was rather more complicated than the idea itself. Nevertheless, after three years of the initial ideation, Neostox was finally launched. 

Notable Features in Neostox

  • All subscribers can check their profit and loss mark-ups to learn their progress. 
  • Subscribers can also enable the auto trade and set the limit.
  • Availability of equities, futures, and options for trading exactly like in any typical trading platform. 
  • Data available on Neostox is a complete knock-off from the real data.
  • You’ll be assigned an AI that automatically chooses the best options available for you. 
  • The options analyzer tool provides real-time insight
  • The dashboard contains all the necessary information. 


Neostox currently serves its user base for free, but it might soon start adding fees for a handful of features in its monthly subscription model. However, has surely begun gaining huge support from traders due to its efficiency. It only continues to grow and its popularity currently has circled to cities like Nashik, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, and counting. 

FAQs on Neostox

Do you need real money to invest in Noestox? 

No, users don’t need real money to start investing in Noestox. The investments happen via virtual money, and whatever you earn is also virtual and cannot be used for real-life transactions. 

Is Neostox a real trading platform?

Neostox is only a simulation, that lets you get a first-hand experience of what trading looks like. It is not a real trading firm but the experience is real. All features that are available for real trading are available. 

Does Neostox have real-time data?

Yes, the data inclined with Neostox is based on reality. As you trade in Neostox, you also trade in real-time with real data.

Is Neostox a safe place to trade? 

Neostox is arguably the best place to practice your trading skills. One can learn a lot about trading and stocks via Neostox, while the chance of losing money is absolutely zero. 

Is Neostox free? 

Yes, Neostox is available to use for free. 

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