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Montana Jordan is a Newcomer addition to the Hollywood film industry who started his career in 2017 and is famous for doing the main role in the American coming-of-age sitcom tv series named “Young Sheldon”

After appearing in a handful of movies and series, the newcomer has gained enormous popularity and attention made people search for him. So if you are also one of those researchers; then you have found the right page as we’ll deliver you the bio, age, childhood, career, family, net worth, and many more details about Montana Jordan. 

Who is Montana Jordan? 

Montana Jordan is a transpiring talent who is strengthening his roots in the ever-successful American film industry through his powerful acting skills. The boy has not done much work yet but still has maintained a good fan following on social media and become a social media influencer and content creator. 

Also famous as a model, Montana is popular for his work in the “Young Sheldon” sitcom. The CBS tv series named, the Big Bang Theory is another hit, thrown by the newcomer. The young talent is full of enthusiasm and knowledge and uses his power in the correct direction. 

He has also done various modeling on many big projects and gained extreme fame and recognition. 

The main role in the Young Sheldon sitcom, Montana Jordan is an American national who was born on the 8th of March 2003. 

After taking birth in Longview, Texas, the Young Sheldon actor was raised as a Christian in the Ore City of Texas. 

The Pisces boy holds an immense interest in acting and modeling which has taken him to follow his dreams through the Hollywood industry. Until now, the White ethnic boy has done a small amount of work since he started his career in 2015 but after seeing his knowledge and skill, everyone becomes his fan and he will definitely end up with something very huge. 

Montana Jordan Age

The actor of, “The Legacy of the Whitetail Deer Hunter” took birth on 8th March 2003, and now, as of 2023, he reached the 20th year of his age. Being very young, Montana Jordan has collected a lot fans following that will surely help him out in receiving a successful career. 

Montana Jordan Height & Weight

The Young Sheldon actor is a handsome boy who holds a sincerity on his face that makes him look more attractive and hunky. The spunky boy is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and has blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He gives a super cool, dashing look, every time he is caught by the media. If we talk about the body of 20-year-old Montana Jordan, then it is estimated to be 75 kg. 

Montana Jordan Early Life

Despite being born in the Longview area, The Big Bang Theory actor spent the days of his early life in the Ore City of Texas. He was born to a Christian couple, Kelli Pieratt Smith and Tony Jordan, but unfortunately, his parents separated when he was young. 

The details about the childhood of this newcomer are not available in-depth but it is known that Montana has received a good childhood, given by his mother and step-father. 

A sense of love and attraction was developed in Montana towards the acting and modeling field which made him decide to be an actor in the future. 

Montana Jordan Family

Montana Jordan holds a big and healthy family of 5 members which includes his mother, Kelli Pieratt Smith, his 2 elder sisters, Katelli Jordan, and Jaden Jordan, and a step-father named Rusty Smith. 

His biological father is Mr. Tony Jordan, who does not stay with the family. 

Montana is the youngest in his family and received immense love, care, affection, and support from everyone. Although the family has no connection with the film industry yet, Montana has succeeded in making a place for himself in Hollywood. 

If anyone takes a look at his social media profiles, they will find a lot of family pictures, as he used to share his free time with his mother and sisters. 

Montana Jordan Education

If I talk about the education of the famous Young Sheldon actor, then let me tell you that the boy has acquired his high school degree from a private school in Texas and now he is enrolled in his higher studies at a reputed university. Although the name of the college is not available for now, we’ll update it, once available. 

Montana Jordan Career

Despite being an actor, Montana Jordan is also famous as a model, tv personality, social media influencer, and content creator. His expanding prominence on social media is proof of Montana’s high-fi future. His amazing acting and dialogue-delivering skills made him one of the emerging talents of America. 

After developing an interest in acting and modeling, Montana decided to be an actor and at the age of 12 in October 2015, he received the offer for his 1st film named “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter”. Montana is so lucky that he got selected from 10 thousand applicants. The film was released in March 2018.  

In 2017, Montana was cast in the spin-off of The Big Bang Theory’s “Young Sheldon”, which is an American sitcom series, that started in 2017 and still running. Montana is playing the role of George “Georgie” Cooper Jr. This character gives a distinctive recognition to Montana and made him a well-known actor in America. 

Montana Jordan’s Awards and Achievements 

In 2018, Montana Jordan was nominated for the “Young Artist Award” in the category of best performance in a TV series- supporting teen actor. 

Montana Jordan’s Personal Life and Girlfriend

Young Sheldon actor is sharing a relationship with a girl named Jenna Weeks. The duration of their relationship is not known but they are happy in their lives together. 

Montana Jordan Social Media

Montana Jordan is active on various social media platforms and showed an attractive activity that has collected a good amount of fan following. 

Instagram- 344K followers

Twitter- 9,194 followers

YouTube- 28.4K subscribers

Montana Jordan’s Net Worth

The young actor, famous for doing George Cooper’s role in the Young Sheldon sitcom, has collected a net worth of $1.5 million. 

Interesting Facts About Montana Jordan

  • Montana Loves to ride bikes.
  • He is fond of long hair.
  • He is available on YouTube and has more than 28k subscribers. 
  • The boy is also a football lover and played the game for the Ore City Rebels. 


After taking birth on the 8th of March 2003 in the Longview of Texas, Montana Jordan was brought up in the Ore City of Texas, along with his 2 elder sisters by his mother, Kelli Pieratt Smith, and his step-father, Rusty Smith as his real father, Tony Jordan divorced his mother in his early age. 

The 20 years old White ethnic boy holds an immense interest in acting and modeling which has taken him to follow his dreams through the Hollywood industry. After debuting with the film, “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter” Montana got a role in the Young Sheldon sitcom which became the turning point of his life. His current net worth is $1.5 million and his social media activity has gained numerous fans for him. 

FAQs on Montana Jordan 

1. Who is Montana Jordan?

He is an American actor, social media influencer, model, and content creator on YouTube.

2. What is he famous for?

He is famous for doing the role of Georg “Georgie” Cooper Jr. in the Young Sheldon sitcom.

3. How old is he?

He is 20 years old.

4. What is his ethnicity?


5. Which is his debut work?

He debuted in the film,  “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter”. 

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