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Crossfire Creator Smilegate Raises 100 Million Funding To Game Development Studio Thatsnomoon

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That’s No Moon The developer of CrossFire, Smilegate, has invested more than $100 million in Moon Entertainment, a brand-new triple-A game studio with veterans.

Taylor Kurosaki, formerly of Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward, where was the narrative design lead and studio narrative director. He will act as the game’s creative director alongside director Jacob Minkoff. Prior to that, he worked at Naughty Dog as The Last of Us’ primary game designer and at Infinity Ward as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s design director.

God of War, Fortnite, The Last of Us Part II, Destiny, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which won the Game of the Year award, are just a few of the popular games that their amazing team of designers has produced. They want to make the “best in class” triple-A game.

CrossFire, a well-known first-person shooter, has brought in more than $10.5 billion for South Korean company Smilegate. However, Smilegate’s vice president of business development, Harold Kim, remarked in a conversation with GamesBeat that the company intends to draw more customers from the West. The $100 million investment is a significant boost for a fledgling studio, but it also seems appropriate given that the gaming sector received $60 billion in acquisitions, investments, and public offerings in the first half of 2021, according to investment bank Drake Star Partners.

Michael Mumbauer, who formerly supervised PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group, along with Kurosak and Minkoff, serves as the organization’s leader. At Giant Squid, executive vice president Tina Kowalewski, Barry Genova, a former foundation engineering lead at Bungie, Nick Kononelos, a former senior development director at Electronic Arts, and an unnamed third party, who served as chief financial officer and was formerly in charge of finances for PlayStation’s Global Services Division, are the company’s chief operating officer and chief technical officer, respectively.

Is $100 Million Funding Enough?

They discovered office space at the former House of Moves building in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, which housed a motion-capture studio used to create a number of movies and television series, including The Mandalorian, The Lion King, and the Uncharted video games. The squad now has roughly 40 members, and by 2022, it hopes to have 100.

Mumbauer said in an interview with GamesBeat that with a 100-person team and a $100 million budget, “they feel they can be fairly competitive.” Mumbauer stated, “they feel that we’re already in a good position to thrive in this space and genre. They believe that they are already in a strong position because of their expertise, the seasoned team they have, and the $100 million budget, which is actually fairly large for a young studio as per the That’s No Moon 100m Series smilegatetakahashiventurebeat.

Although it is extremely conceivable for triple-A games to surpass the budgets and workforce on the level that the company is pursuing, he added the company will be conscientious about how it scopes the project. Mumbauer asserted, “they think we’ve done a great job of developing a very strong core. And they have very specific aims.

About Smilegate

Smilegate specializes in live multiplayer games that are free to play. Kim clarified that the company’s goal in entering the West is to improve storytelling. This game won’t offer any multiplayer possibilities. They share a vision of narrating memorable tales with upbeat, inspirational messages that are also thought-provoking, Kim stated.

He questioned Kim about the game’s potential ties to the CrossFire universe. Kim, however, asserted that the business has not yet discussed that and will do so when the initiative is prepared to be announced. He also questioned Kurosakheover his decision to leave his former dream positions at Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward.

Careers are brief, generally speaking, he asked. These games are getting harder and harder to build. They require more of the few years they’ll have and require larger investments. They therefore constantly look for fresh challenges and new creative outlets, and this opportunity to build a studio from the bottom up with a unique culture that may incorporate the best elements of the locations I’ve already seen is a great one. 


What are Smilegate’s specialties?

Free-to-play multiplayer games with live services.

What objectives does the corporation have for going into the West?

It is to improve storytelling.

Is this a multiplayer game?


Who owns Smilegate?

HyukBin Kwon

When was Smilegate founded?


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