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How To Conduct a Social Media Audit [8 Easy Steps]

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NetbaseQuid is a marketing tool that collects data from social media profiles via bots and search engine crawlers. It provides advertising communities with an accurate picture of their target audience and how social media users perceive them. Social media audit data is then incorporated into NetbaseQuid’s proprietary Data Cloud platform, which advertisers can use to display targeted ads on social networking websites.

Reasons Why You Need To Perform a Social Media Audit

1. Assess Your Online Presence

A social media audit will give you an idea of how you are perceived online. It can be a very sobering experience if you review your online presence from an outsider’s point of view. A lack of activity on your social media profiles or an apparent lack of tone may show that potential customers need to be more impressed with your brand.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

A social media audit will help you determine what type of audience you are trying to target. It will also enable you to identify your competitors and how they target their audience. For example, if your competitor is currently focusing on a younger audience, it might be a good idea to focus more on older people in the future. It will ensure that you know potential customers within your area of interest.

3. Reach Out to Potential Customers

A social media audit enables you to connect with potential customers more personally. By reviewing their online presence, you can find out what kind of information they would like to receive and if they are interested in hearing from you. It will enable you to make more effective marketing decisions by sending targeted ads that appeal to the individual’s interests and needs.

4. Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

It will enable you to quickly identify your online presence’s most positive and negative aspects. By identifying these key points, you can easily create a social media marketing campaign that will improve your brand’s reputation and reach out to potential customers in a relevant and unique way.

Services Provided By Netbase Quid

1. Benchmarking

It enables you to benchmark or assesses your online presence against your competitors and historical figures. By doing this, you can use this data to make changes to improve and reach out to more potential customers.

2. Research

A social media audit will enable you to research specific products or services that may interest potential customers. Your marketing team and staff will then use this information to develop effective advertising campaigns that appeal directly to the individual’s needs and interests.

3. Analysis

A social media audit will also enable you to analyze your current audience. You can then use this data to make changes to improve your marketing strategy and ensure that you are reaching people who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Why Netbase Quid


It will enable you to build a comprehensive picture of your online presence. It includes all relevant details, such as the online image, both positive and negative of your brand, the number of followers on each social media profile, how many people have viewed your company’s website and how often they visit there, and how they are interacting with other people that also use this service.


It will allow you to predict how your target audience will react to various marketing campaigns. You can determine who will most likely purchase your products or services and which social media profiles generate the most positive responses.


It will enable you to access a 24-hour service offering a wide range of on-demand marketing services. In addition, you can also use the NetbaseQuid data cloud platform and sell your data directly to third parties.

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